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Thread: The Final Showdown Part 1: Death

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    Default The Final Showdown Part 1: Death

    Hey Rogues!

    In order to keep fresh content coming, I decided to split the final story update into two parts.

    The whole update, which will be called "The Final Showdown" will come in Part 1: Death and Part 2: The Rogue Dynasty

    Part 1: Death is now live and involves the final showdown with the Four Horsemen as you encounter Death himself!

    It also includes most of the final map:

    Ulterior Realm

    This is an Ulterior Realm. Thought to be the home-realm of KoN KoA, it is entered through a portal in the Route of the Rogue Dynasty that was supposedly opened by KoN KoA when he entered our realm years ago. Ulterior Realm is now a desolate wasteland after KoN KoA destroyed it like he does every realm he occupies. Is the Rogue Dynasty really here? Not yet, but we will see in Part 2.

    Part 1's focus is the final boss of the Four Horsemen:


    If you already finished the Three Ruined Kingdoms and defeated War, Pestilence, and Famine, you know Death was nowhere to be found. Death has been waiting, in the Ulterior Realm, for KoN KoA to meet his own death. Death knows that KoN KoA must be defeated to restore balance to the Universe, but being a Horseman, Death cannot interfere and challenge KoN KoA himself. Can you help Death restore the Universe? First, you must prove yourself worthy by challenging him.

    Defeat death and you will obtain his Horse as well as some other new items!

    Horse of Death

    The Horse of Death is a level 30 mount that can cast Death once per battle and instantly kill an enemy and cast Zombie an infinite amount of times! This is extremely powerful against most normal monsters!

    Pendant of Sacrifice

    Pendant of Sacrifice is a level 30 accessory that can cast Death, but only on it's user. What is the use of this? That's for you to discover. (Killing yourself in PVP to give other easy exp is not the purpose, anyone caught doing so will have their character reset.)

    Some other new items you can discover in Ulterior Realm:

    Mask of Seven Sins

    Mask of Seven Sins is a level 35 accessory that increases your ATK and MO by 5% each time you attack with the Attack command.

    Rebirth Stone

    The Rebirth Stone allows you to reset a character to level 1 but with Ultimate status! Ultimate characters have many advantages over normal characters, the main one being the ability to equip Ultimate items! Rebirth Stone can be obtained PER CHARACTER instead of per account.

    Ultimate Items

    When you obtain Rebirth Stone, you will also receive one FREE Ultimate item. The item you receive will depend on the class of your main character. Again, the quest can be done once by each character.

    Stay tuned for Part 2 and the completed story of Rogue Dynasty!
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    man I can't even finish the fire cave lol
    but anyway, wow it's so dope

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