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Thread: Shield and Accessory Renewal

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    Default Shield and Accessory Renewal

    Hey Rogues,

    A while ago, we had a Helmets and Shields renewal because we realized helmets were pretty useless. So, we decided to make helmets' main focus as status immunity. At the time I also renewed the shields with status immunity to give them more use as well. However, I've decided since helmets focus on status immunity, shields should focus on elemental properties. So now, shields will be the main source of elemental resistance rather than accessories. It's still possible for accessories to have elemental properties, of course, just like armors and helmets, but it won't be their main focus. Accessories will now focus more on increasing specific stats.

    For example, we currently have level 1 rings for each element, Red Ring, Green Ring, Blue Ring, etc. I will make level 1 shields for each element instead, Fire Shield, Ice Shield, Earth Shield etc for Fire Ward, Ice Ward, Earth Ward and so on. The accessories will still be there, but they will be changed into stat focusing rings and heir elemental properties will be removed. So Green Ring, for example, will now be a DEF boosting ring. It will still give all stats like all accessories do, but a larger amount of DEF.

    Since the battles are still 1 VS 1, this change will put certain classes at a disadvantage when it comes to elements. Mainly archers and gunners because they are forced to use ammo in the off hand slot so they can't use shields. Dual wield classes like Thief, Lycan, and Brawler will also have to choose between dual wielding their weapons for more ATK or wearing a shield for elemental properties. However, when parties battles are implemented later, it won't be as much of a problem, because you can have one party member for tanking elements and your archer, gunner, thief or whatever for attacking. It will allow for more strategy.

    The update is not live on the main game yet, but is available on the test game, so check out the Shields and Accessories section of the Library there:

    I don't have the new sprites on the test site because I don't want to bother uploading sprites there, so
    here are new sprites and more in-depth details of the renewal:

    Newly added items:

    Earth Shield

    Lightning Shield

    Ice Shield

    Water Shield

    Wind Shield

    Black Shield (Shadow Ward)

    White Shield (Holy Ward, changed from Kite Shield)

    DeQuake Shield (Earth Proof)

    DeBlaze Shield (Fire Proof)

    DeFrost Shield (Ice Proof)

    DeShock Shield (Lightning Proof)

    DeTide Shield (Water Proof)

    DeBreeze Shield (Wind Proof)

    Dark Knight's Shield (Shadow Proof)

    Space Shield (Gravity Proof)

    Thorium Targe (Tetra Ward, changed from Pendant of Reduction accessory)

    Granite Shield (Earth Eater)

    Voltaic Shield (Lightning Eater)

    Naughtical Shield (Water Eater)

    Mistral Shield (Wind Eater)

    Malevolent Shield (Shadow Eater)

    Tetra Shield (Tetra Proof, changed from Pendant of Hope accessory)

    Omni Shield (Omni Ward, changed from Pendant of Reduction accessory)

    Nebula Shield (Gravity Eater)

    Eater of Worlds (Omni Eater, changed from Mother Nature accessory)

    Ornate Targe (Non-Elemental Magic focused Targe, changed from Cross Targe)

    Items that will be changed:
    Red Ring -> Life Ring (focus HP)
    Green Ring -> Guard Ring (Focus DEF)
    Yellow Ring -> Force Ring (Focus ATK)
    Blue Ring -> Shield Ring (Focus MD)
    Turquoise Ring -> Magic Ring (Focus MO)
    Magenta Ring -> Mana Ring (Focus MP)
    Deku Shield -> Fire Shield
    Mana Ring -> Charmed Ring
    NulQuake Ring -> Jade Ring (Focus DEF + SOS DEF Up)
    NulBlaze Ring -> Garnet Ring (Focus HP + SOS Tension)
    NulShock Ring -> Amber Ring (Focus ATK + SOS ATK Up)
    NulFrost Ring -> Sapphire Ring (Focus MD + SOS MD Up)
    NulTide Ring -> Turquoise Ring (Focus MO + SOS MO Up)
    NulBreeze Ring -> Opal Ring (Focus MP + SOS Lucid)
    Hylian Shield -> Paladin's Shield (Holy Proof)
    Shield Ring -> Sage Ring
    Flame Shield -> Pyre Shield (Fire Eater)
    Frost Shield -> Glacier Shield (Ice Eater)
    Granite Ring -> Emerald Ring (Focus DEF + DEF Dwn Proof)
    Glacier Ring -> Azure Ring (Focus MD + MD Dwn Proof)
    Mistral Ring -> Magenta Ring (Focus MP + Curse/Pressure Proof)
    Heart Shield -> Divine Shield (Holy Eater)
    Skull Shield -> Cross Targe (Omni Proof)
    Moon Bracer -> Wizard Bracer
    Tetra-Elemental -> Mother Nature (Tetra Eater)

    As you can see, some accessories were changed to shields, so when this update goes live on the main game, you may have a shield equipped in your accessory slot. Please un-equip it and put it in the appropriate slot.

    So, let me know what you guys think. I'll give it a few days before I transfer everything over to the main game. I will also need to put the new items in the shops and update some of the old item prices and such so I will update you guys here when that is all done.
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    The shield and accessory renewal is now LIVE on the main game. Please let me know if you encounter any problems.
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    Wouldn't this put monks at a severe disadvantage being the way they should fight best is without anything in main or off hand. (Or so the class description mentions)

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    Ya, like I said, dual wield classes will basically have to sacrifice elements. It's worse for gunners and archers though, because they are forced to wear ammo and arrows in the off hand slot. At least monks and thieves and such can CHOOSE to wear a shield if they want. I think it will be much better when we have party battles because each party member can have their specific role.
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