Hey Rogues,

I made an update to the system that allows admins to set individual skill description for each class skill. Before, we could only set descriptions for each base skill. Sounds confusing so let me give an example. There is a base skill for all level 1 physical attacks, such as the Warrior's 'Cross Slash' and Thief's 'Sneak Attack.' We could only set descriptions for the base skill so both the Warrior and Thief's level 1 skill had to have the same description. Now, we are able to give each individual skill, such as Cross Slash and Sneak Attack, it's own description, Thief and Warrior can have their own unique descriptions. So, instead of saying something like "A basic level 1 attack", it can say "The Warrior strikes his sword in a cross formation" or "The Thief strikes with a sneak attack." I feel this is important for a text based game so players can more easily visualize skill animations.

So, with that, we had to go through all the skills on all the classes and set brand new descriptions. You can view the descriptions in the Library by going to the Class section and clicking on the skills link for each class. Of course, you can also see the descriptions in battle when you select the skill.

Also, while I was going through the skills, I changed some of the skill names. As you know, I'm slowly trying to get away from any copy-cat stuff from other games. So, I changes some of the skill names like Fira, Firaga, Blizzard, Blizzaga, etc which are from Final Fantasy. Now you will see Pyre (Fire), Frost (Ice), Bolt (Lightning), Flood (Water), Gust (Wind), Firma (Earth), Force (Gravity), Void (Shadow), Bright (Holy). For the mid level spells, they will have a "Du" prefix (as in 2), such as Dupyre, Dubolt, Dubright. For high level, they will have a "Tri" prefix (as in 3), such as Tripyre, Tribolt, Tribright. There are other skills that also had name changes but I won't list them all. If you see a skill you don't recognize, just read the description to find out what it does.

As of this post, I have only changed the names in the class skills. I still need to change the names in Item skills and monster skills. So keep an eye out for that. I may or may not make another announcement here when it's done.

As always, please report any problems. Typos, I guess lol. And feel free to give any feedback and suggestions.

Stay tuned for more updates.