Hey Rogues,

This year we will have our first Lunar New Year event!

It will be much like the Christmas event. Starting on February 11th with 1.1x exp and increasing by 0.1x each day until February 26th with 2.6x Exp!

Also a new item will be dropped by all monsters:

Red Envelope

All monsters will randomly drop 1 or more Red Envelopes which will contain a random amount of gold. They can be opened from the inventory by using them on any character.

But don't open them yet!

Another part of the event will be a competition to see who can collect the most Red Envelopes! Whoever collects the most will get a Fusion weapon! Fusion items are currently unreleased and will not be available until the Fusion City map is released. They can be equipped from level 1 and increase your stats based on a percentage and also come with really cool effects. With this event you can be the first to hold a powerful Fusion Weapon and test them out before anyone else!

I will give out THREE Fusion Weapons to the 3 players who collect the most Red Envelopes! Even newbies can participate since low level monsters will drop them too and again, the Fusion Weapons can be equipped at level 1!

You can choose any of your characters to obtain the weapon and the character's class will determine which one you get. For example, if you choose a Warrior character, you will get the Sword type Fusion weapon (Fusion Sabre).


I will be posting this on the Facebook fanpage at facebook.com/roguedynastyRDE. Like the post, comment your username and SHARE it on public view to your page and you will get a free FUSION SODA!

We have given out Fusion Soda's before but if you don't already know, this item allows you to instantly level up 1 level! Use it now or save it for high level when grinding is slow. And yes, we STILL have 2 slots open in the LEVEL 50 CHALLENGE EVENT. Here is the link to that event again for anyone who hasn't already seen it: